Friday, April 2, 2010

Week #13 (no class) Kids Not Getting Enough Sleep?

No class this week, but this article from the BBC came to my attention via Twitter and is rather interesting.

It talks about a study that shows kids are not getting the required sleep because they are watching TV, playing video games or using their cell phones. The results include tiredness, lack of concentration and behaviour problems. This takes me back to Lana's presentation of the Kaiser Report and the role of parents. It seems to me that not only kids, but parents need some educating as well. Technology might be a factor, but a little parenting might help the situation. The article goes on to talk about the effect on teens as well, too bad it ends with this quote:

"These morning-light-deprived teenagers are going to bed later, getting less sleep and possibly under-performing on standardised tests."

A much better and valid reason than this could have been made - I wish we could get off this standardised testing nonsense as a way to gauge achievement! :-( (see my previous post for video of Sir Ken Robinson on this topic!)

On a happy note: I came across this site earlier this week, and given the historical theme in the class,  found it to be very interesting. It even has a page on the Timex-Sinclair computer I brought to class earlier this term - not to mention the Commodore Pet and Trash 80! :The Obsolete Technology Website!

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  1. Hey Mike. Went to the BBC article and video. The end of the video says a lot. Are we not surrogate parents already? I guess a reminder now and then about what time to pack-it-in couldn't hurt. Sleep is one of our fundamental needs.

    I mistakenly called the Bonnie Hunt interview with Sir Ken a TED. Oh well. I've seen him on TED. I liked it, especially that Bart Conner part.

    From where did some of those computer names come? Apple Lisa, Atari Stacy, Tomy Tutor, Canon Cat?? Wow! Micro-Professor has to be the best. Like the ad with the reel-to-reel machine? That's quite a little outfit. I remember working with tape drives. I actually had to wear a tie to that job.