Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Ride Home: Salmon & other things!

salmon swimmingphoto © 2008 Russell Bernice | more info (via: Wylio)
note: This post is not about digital technology. 

Wednesday (I did start this post last Thursday - another priority since then) , on my ride home from class in Winnipeg, I listed to the radio program Ideas on CBC - I tuned in a little late, but caught most of the show. The episode was called Saving Salmon (you can hear it by clicking if you missed it!) and it featured a story - pretty well a monologue - by biologist Alexandra Morton (click to go to her web site). Now you might say "salmon - they are tasty, but an hour of someone talking about salmon??", and I might have thought that too, but what I heard was a very passionate advocate for the planet Earth and all its life, including humans. This was not a raving 'tree-hugger' - not that there is anything wrong with that. She is a biologist who lives in B.C. and spent years studying Orcas. So what do Salmon have to do with Orcas? Well, they eat them, so when Salmon suffer, Orcas suffer. On her web site , she writes:
"After 26 years in the wilderness of coastal British Columbia I have learned that wild salmon are one of those generous species that feed the world. As a biologist and mother I have taken a stand for these fish because we need them."
Ms. Morton speaks passionately about the environment, how all living things are connected, how we should be able to live with nature. At one point she pointed to the fact that 'we' fence off areas of wilderness in order to protect it - from 'us'. She also is not very complimentary about politicians and corporations - and I say good for her!  The almighty dollar has way to much influence! This episode is worth a listen, a wonderful portrait of the importance of the natural world!

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