Thursday, October 6, 2011

End of an era?

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011, R.I.P.
There have been many tributes to Steve Jobs over the past few days, I thought I would add my own brief one. My first brush with Apple was way back in the mid eighties. At that time the school division I worked at decided to go to Apple computers - we previously used Commodore. I remember thinking it was the wrong choice, we should be going to IBM - and MS-DOS. How wrong I was. After using the Mac Plus and Classics, I was hooked on the Mac OS. While we added some Windows machines, our main platform at the school was always Apple - and still is, even though I don't work there any more. I always enjoyed the platform, they worked well and were fun to use & work on. The predominant platform at the University is Windows, and I use it most days (I teach many of my courses in the lab). However, I have brought in a few Macs and some iPads. I also continue to use Apple products at home (an iMac, a mac mini, a Macbook, iPhones, iPods and iPads. I guess it is blind loyalty, but I have tried others and just like Apple products, a personal choice. Steve Jobs just had a knack for developing easy to use, pleasing products. I admit it, I just like their products, despite some of their policies and foibles. Steve Jobs was just a year older than me, he was taken too soon - like so many others. I hope that Apple will continue to 'Think Different', as their founder, Steve Jobs did.