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Ninth International Conference on Self-Study of Teacher Education Practice

by Mike & Jackie (originally posted on ICTology, imported September/15)

This August, we had the amazing experience of attending and presenting at the The Ninth International Conference on Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices, held August 15-19, 2012 at  Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex, England. The castle, owned by Queen's University in Ontario, Canada, is a beautiful setting for a conference (see photos included). The SSTEP group is a part of AERA, and focusses on the improvement of teacher education through self-study. The process for acceptance is extensive, the proposal, then the paper submitted are subjected to blind peer review. Our paper & presentation was titled: Using Social Media to Engage Teacher Candidates in Relevant, Timely, and Rich Learning Experiences (proceedings for previous conferences area available - and I am sure this one will be as well). In a nutshell we examined our practice as we tried various ways to engage our students in discussions vi…

Some Rambling Thoughts: Part 1

Warning - this post is a bit rambly - just a few things I have experienced or thought about lately.

As a teacher, how do you organize all those great sites, online resources, blogs and so on? This is something I have thought about from time to time, especially as I use and take various web based 'tools' for a spin. As part of my job, I feel I need to keep up and, at the very least, be aware of what is out there. Thus I have lots of sites to juggle. We know that technology is ubiquitous, it is used in just about every aspect of our daily lives, it is also very personal. With this in mind, I introduced a few suggestions to my students (teacher candidates) a few weeks back. Included in my quick tour were services such as Diigo, Pearltrees, Symbaloo, Pinterest (which most were using) and Learnist. RSS was also prominently featured as a way to keep all those news feeds and blogs organized, particularly since they were all writing blogs and Google Reader is a great way to keep track…

PhD Journey: the Proposal Defence

Well, after several months of writing, revising and a change (slightly) in direction - my thesis proposal defence arrived. June 21 was the big day. At the University of Manitoba, proposal defences are public affairs - just to add to the stress. My defence was attended by about 10 people - the associate dean (chair), advisor and committee, another faculty member (an acquaintance) and several good friends from my PhD cohort. I have to admit that I was so nervous, I thought I was going to be sick - but I got through the presentation, then the questions, after which everyone was asked to leave the room while the committee deliberated. After several anxious moments chatting in the hall with friends, we were called in. To my relief, the Associate Dean announced that I had passed both the oral and written proposal with no changes needed - just a few points to clarify on the ethics application and eventual dissertation. Whew! Now, I can get my ethics applications together - I have to apply at…

Inquiries into Technology Based Course Delivery: Lessons Learned (MADLat 2012)

(originally posted on ICTology, imported in September/15)

Glenn, Mike, & Lilli J. are presenting a session called: Inquiries into Technology Based Course Delivery: Lessons Learnedat the 2012 MADLaT conference held in Winnipeg, MB on May 4. The session description is: Online learning is growing in popularity and importance in all levels of education. This presentation focuses on what has been learned about online learning in Southwest Manitoba based on three recent studies conducted at Brandon University. These separate studies looked at: 1) learning modalities and online learning, 2) high school teachers’ perspectives of online learning, and 3) high school students’ perspectives of online learning. Jointly, these studies provide a multifaceted snapshot of online learning. After the findings of each study are highlighted, session participants will be asked to join in a conversation about their experiences in relation to these studies.
Madlat 2012: Inquiries into T…

Social Networking in Teacher Education (MADLaT 2012)

( originally posted on ICTology, imported in September/15)

Mike , Jackie & Clark are presenting a session called: Social Networking for Students in Higher Education at the 2012 MADLaT conference held in Winnipeg, MB on May 4. The session description is:
Is learning social in nature? Sociocultural learning theories suggest that learning occurs through social interactions with others and that learning is often mediated by cultural artifacts and tools (Rogoff, 2003; Vygotsky, 1978). This presentation will examine online social networks as a tool for learning in higher education. The presenters from Brandon University will share their experiences with using a social network for education students to extend their learning beyond the time and space of the classroom. Presenters will also share the results of a follow-up study that considered both the design of the network and users’ opinions. This session will look at our work as we have tried various social media tool…

Reflections on the 17th National Congress on Rural Education

This past week I attended (and presented) at the 17th National Congress on Rural Education in Canada, held in Saskatoon, SK March 25-27. This is the second year I have attended and presented at this conference. It is an interesting one since the audience is very different than other conferences I attend. Attendees include many school trustees and superintendents in addition to school administrators, teachers and post-secondary educators. This gives the conference a different flavour than others.

I presented, with a colleague during the last slot of the day, it was surprisingly well attended, and we engaged in a great conversation with the attendees. That is all I will say about it, on to other parts of the congress.

The conference started off with an impassioned keynote by Craig Kielburger, who, when he was only 12 years old, co-founded the Free the Children foundation. He shared powerful stories and told us about the work of this foundation, including the popular Me to We Day events …

Enhancing Technology‐based Course Delivery

post by Mike & Glenn ( originally posted onICTology, imported in September/15)

Presentation at the Seventeenth National Congress on Rural Educationheld in Saskatoon, SK, Canada on March 25-27, 2012. This presentation titled: Enhancing Technology‐based Course Delivery:  There is no magic bullet. In this presentation, Glenn & Mike looked at the results of three independent studies that looked at various aspects of online learning. Glenn's study examined Perceptual modalities and online learning, Mike's (Mike was PI of the study done with 2 others) looked at educator's perspectives about teaching online in SW MB high schools, and the third was conducted as an M.Ed. theses by Lilli Jardine (a teacher in Brandon, MB) - used with her permission since she could not attend this conference. Participants were encouraged to look at how these studies overlapped and the implications they held for online learning in rural schools. The presentation & handout are embedded below…

Learning is ...

Learning is ... social
The past few weeks saw a few more guests enter my classroom, and a lot of good learning took place as a result. John Finch (@jfinch), from Manitoba Education, was on campus on Jan 26 and he literally sat down with my Internet for Educators class (pre-service teachers in the last term of their after degree B.Ed. program) and had an amazing 1.5 hour conversation. It was learning in action; informal, frank discussion and exchange of ideas. The topic centered on using technology in education, however the real topic was learning. How do we make use of the power of the Internet to make learning come alive? This was exemplary social learning as we all shared thoughts about many issues, and the learning continued later as students reflected on the experience in their blogs. The importance of social interaction in learning cannot be overemphasized, we negotiate meaning, make sense, and learn deeply through dialogue. David Weinberger's new book "Too Big To Know&q…

SHARE(ski) Lives Up to His Name

For the past few years, I have been working to develop my course titled Internet for Educators. This is an optional course for students in their final term of an after degree B.Ed. degree. My goal is to create an engaging, up-to-date course based on constructivist principles. Shortly after I began my work in the faculty of education at BU three and a half years ago, I became acquainted with the work of Alec Couros and Dean Shareski at the University of Regina, about a 4-hour drive west of Brandon. Since that time I am pleased to count these two educators as friends. They have jokingly called themselves “lazy professors”, since they often had various educators present to their classes. I have since “borrowed” this approach. For the past few years I have been fortunate to enlist several excellent educators to present their insights and experiences to my students (this post talks about the speakers who helped out last year). The students keep a blog in which they make sense of the prese…

My Photo of the Day (2011/365) Project

This past year I joined the photo a day project. A pummelvision of my photos is below, I hope you enjoy it, it is kind of neat to see all the photos put together in this way. I used Flickr to share my photos and post them to the 2011/365 group, started by cogdogblog I found this activity to be mostly fun and educational, at other times tedious - almost forgetting to take a photo when things got a little busy! However, I prevailed - a photo was posted for each and every day of 2011! I plan on continuing this in 2012. Some days it was hard to decide what to shoot, I found the Daily Shot site helpful to generate ideas - at least until they discontinued it! I also found it educational as I started to try different things, effects, angles, subjects. Looking at the submissions of others was also a great way to find inspiration, many amazing photographers are part of this group. It was also fun to share with others. So, here is my result, as I embark on 2012/366!