Friday, March 23, 2012

Enhancing Technology‐based Course Delivery

post by Mike & Glenn ( originally posted on ICTology, imported in September/15)

Presentation at the Seventeenth National Congress on Rural Education held in Saskatoon, SK, Canada on March 25-27, 2012. This presentation titled: Enhancing Technology‐based Course Delivery:  There is no magic bullet. In this presentation, Glenn & Mike looked at the results of three independent studies that looked at various aspects of online learning. Glenn's study examined Perceptual modalities and online learning, Mike's (Mike was PI of the study done with 2 others) looked at educator's perspectives about teaching online in SW MB high schools, and the third was conducted as an M.Ed. theses by Lilli Jardine (a teacher in Brandon, MB) - used with her permission since she could not attend this conference. Participants were encouraged to look at how these studies overlapped and the implications they held for online learning in rural schools. The presentation & handout are embedded below.

Comparison Table

 If you are interested, the complete research report for "Study 2" can be found here, on scribd.

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