Saturday, August 2, 2014

Lessons Learned - the hard way (or, don't drop your phone!)

This post will contain a sad story and some free advice. One evening as my wife and I started our walk, I had my iPhone in hand to turn on Run Keeper. Then it happened, I fumbled it and it fell, face down on the cement driveway. I picked it up with trepidation and ... it was working, but the
screen was a cracked up mess! (see photo). I was very angry at myself, I knew it was an accident, but I felt like an idiot! After some checking online and phoning the Apple Store in Winnipeg. I made an appointment and they agreed (not their policy) to hold a replacement for me since I was driving in - a 3 hour trip each way. Well, the helpful and understanding 'genius' replaced my 3 month old iPhone 5S with another of the exact model and got it set up from my iCloud backup. The glass on an iPhone 5S can't be replaced due to the fingerprint technology, they simply replace the phone with the same model ... for $270, unless you had purchased Apple Care, then it is only $79! Well, I guess $270 is much less than the almost $1000 I paid for it, I then added an Otterbox case for better protection. So, I have a few lessons I learned that might help others:

#1 Don't drop your iPhone!
#2 If you are buying an iPhone, GET Apple care - at $99 it would have saved my about $100 on this incident alone.
#3 Have an understanding wife :-)
#3 Get a good case, and whether you do or don't get one - once again - DON'T drop your iPhone!!

Arghh! Oh well, lesson learned, I hope!