Tuesday, November 3, 2015

#DigiWriMo: Setting Goals

So, my goals for #DigiWriMo. As I said in my unofficial CV post, I signed up to take part in this event so that I could expand my writing, and explore new ideas. I am not really comfortable as a writer, so this should be a good process. But, I have to revise my goals a bit, it seems I have several more traditional pieces of writing to do as well. These include: revising a book chapter (with a colleague), revising an article submission (I have to add more of me into it - hmmm, who am i?), a conference proposal, and I have [finally] just started a journal article based on my dissertation research. Ahh, sabbatical is great.

I will try to respond to various prompts and will definitely be reading others' work. I admit I have always been a little hesitant to put stuff out there, although I am a firm believer in "teaching is sharing" to paraphrase David Wiley. Alas, I must change, and I am getting there. I do like playing with and using a visual approach, I enjoy creating slides/posters (some of which I have on my flickr account). I have also been designing covers for the journal of the Manitoba Education Research Network (MERN). So my goals this month in a nutshell, is to complete the tasks above and also to find time to try some things. Here goes.

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