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Critical Instructional Design

So I came across this thing called #moocmooc on Hybrid Pedagogy. Essentially a mini-mooc, that is, a short one, only three weeks in duration. The topic is Instructional Design and is guided by suggested readings, but is really wide open. The first week I read and viewed the reading then was late to the party for the twitter chat. The tweets buzzed by with multiple threads of conversation ... so I just read and lurked, not knowing where to jump in - plus these were very smart and thoughtful people!

The second week prompted us to consider defining critical instructional design. The readings were all thought provoking and I found myself often nodding in agreement, but mostly wondering and thinking. I have numerous tabs open of things to read, and then I need time to just let it percolate and reflect on (it is nice to be on sabbatical so I can take that time!). The twitter chat again flew by, but I did manage to take part, again so many interesting comments and questions.

To put my though…