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50 years

50 years ago today saw the launch of Apollo 11 and arguably the most significant
achievement of the 20th century, perhaps of human history. I was very fortunate
to be around during the days of Apollo as a young teenager. I vividly remember
following all the Apollo missions as an avid space and science geek. I watched
mesmerized as Eagle landed on the moon and Armstrong and Aldrin took those first
steps. The 60s were an amazing time to be alive, rock and roll was at its height with
the Beatles, the Stones, and so many more great artists. It was also the time of civil
rights and anti-war protests. I still remember seeing smoke curling up from downtown
Detroit in the summer of 1967, as I watched on the banks of the Detroit River from
Windsor. Despite the tumultuous times, Apollo 11 reverberated around the world and
was - and still is - an amazing accomplishment. To think the computers that got us there
and back were so much less powerful than the ones we carry in our pockets today.
I reme…