Thursday, April 16, 2020

Apollo 13 ~ 50 years on

Well -  it was the 50th anniversary of Apollo 13 and tomorrow (April 17) 50 years ago the crew returned safely to Earth. Although I am feeling my age a bit, it is still cool to have lived through many great events - both tragic and inspirational (my last post - almost a year ago - umm - was about Apollo 11). Of course, the saga of Apollo 13 was both tragic - the danger and loss of one moon landing, but inspirational in how the astronauts were brought back safely to Earth due to cool heads, never give up attitude, collaborative work, and smart people (ie science!). I recall those events, I was a space nerd and followed manned - and unmanned - space flight closely, and the suspense of this mission was certainly memorable. Last weekend, I celebrated this mission by watching the fantastic Tom Hanks movie - Apollo 13, and following some sites about the event. A few great links: and the BBC podcast, 13 minutes to the moon:

Here is a NASA video about the Apollo 13 mission.

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