Friday, March 19, 2021

The Final Learning Summaries (Retirement reflections, cont'd!)

So the last few classes in my Internet for Educators course - or #I4Ed as it is fondly known by many, is always a celebration of learning and connections. I ask the students to go back over the course and summarize, within a 4 minute time limit, the key ideas they learned through the course. The idea is to create the artifact and have a narrated (at least partly) video type presentation. The course is a seminar approach with several guest speakers so every person takes something different from the guests. We watch the videos together during the last few classes of the term. This year was the last time I will teach this course, I love teaching this course, it follows a rhizomatic approach and I bring in several other voices into the learning. 

A few students shared their creation in public, on YouTube or on their blog, here are a few:

An amazing (and time intensive I would think) summary by CD.

Finally, a huge thank you to all the people who have dropped in over the years, in person and by video over the years. I also thank all the many  students who took the course, I think they enjoyed the course and had much to think about learn from the course.

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