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Who am I?

I am an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at Brandon University in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. I successfully defended my Ph.D. dissertation at the University of Manitoba and my degree was conferred in October, 2014. Previous to BU, I was a Public School Educator for 30 years, holding positions as a High School Math/Science/Computer teacher, then as an ICT Leader, then 4 years as a school administrator.
I teach courses in educational technology (and previously math & science methods) to Pre-service and service teachers. I just completed (spring 2019) a 3 year stint as Department chair and am now heading into the final 2 years of my career in education.

My research interests are in the area of educational technology, especially learning using social media, coding in K-12, and transformative learning. 

About this blog.
This blog began as a requirement for a course in my Ph.D. program at the University of Manitoba called Seminar in Educational Technology, with Dr. Denis Hlynka. Denis was also a member of my advisory committee and is an amazing scholar and thinker. He has a fondness for Marshall McLuhan, and a historical & philosophical approach to technology. I learned much in his course, a good deal of it because of the blogging experience. About the same time as I started this course, I also made blogging a big part of one of the courses I teach at BU. I now have five blogs, one was for another course and is 'retired'. Two others were collaborative efforts with others and are no longer active. The final one is a wordpress blog (migrated over from posterous), which I use to excerpt and briefly comment on things I see in other blogs or sites (when I get the chance & remember to do so!)
 So, when the course finished, I decided to keep up the blog, although I do not post on a regular basis. I post not only on educational technology, but on anything that catches my interest, usually it has something to do with education!
Well, that is the background, thanks for dropping by!

Contact information:
Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy, Faculty of Education
Brandon University
270-18th Street
Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
R7A 6A9
phone: (204) 727-9619
email: nantaism-at-brandonu.ca

(for all my online connections go to my AboutMe page OR my Profile on the Brandon University site!)

Disclaimer: This weblog contains the opinions and ideas of Mike Nantais. While there may be references to my work and content which relates directly to my work, the ideas are mine alone and are not necessarily shared by my employer.

(taken almost straight from Heather Ross' blog - which in turn came from Dean Shareski's blog.)

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