Some of My Favourite Videos

Video is a powerful way to tell stories and they have so much potential in our classrooms - both to view to introduce ideas, provoke thought & discussion, and for students to create and share learning. We all view many videos online and many move and inspire us. This page is where I will share some of those videos, of course I have lots bookmarked in playlists on my YouTube channel.

Perhaps my all time favourite is Carl Sagan's "Pale Blue Dot" - I have already included it on this post (Cosmos, then & now), so you can see it there as well.

The Pale Blue Dot
Carl Sagan reads a passage from his book Pale Blue Dot as images of Earth from space are shown. His use of language is inspiring and emotional. His message is one for all people. The entire passage can be found by clicking here on the Planetary Society web site.

The Danger of a Single Story
A powerful TED talk in which storyteller Chimamanda Adichie explains why we risk misunderstanding when we listen to a single voice or story about a person, country or culture.

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